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“Creating sustainable improvements in health and community well being in Ethiopia”

October 4th, 2021  (New Leaf Ethiopia trip Sept/Oct 2021)

As I board Ethiopian Airlines making my way down the aisle, getting settled in my seat for the very long flight home, I love listening to all the chatter and organized chaos. It is always a kind of comfort to me, and I feel like I get to hang on to Ethiopia a bit longer.  I’m usually pretty exhausted at that point, almost midnight, and always amazed that hundreds of people can finally settle in and somehow all of that carry on luggage makes it into the overhead bins. It’s usually during this time I finally start to process all that has happened on a particular trip. This trip was no exception! It was a wonderful, busy, fruitful, and a blessed trip. New Leaf Ethiopia was able to open our new office in Addis Ababa, we are very excited about the signing of MOU’s with new strategic partners, we continue to strengthen and build our relationships with established partners.

By far the most satisfying times of every trip is just being able to spend time with those who are finding hope, dignity, and self-reliance, witnessing  lives transformed, and communities strengthened. Watching the volunteer engineers, builders, welders etc.  ( YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!) who are serving their communities making an enormous contribution of their own time and funds (without wanting recognition). This amazing volunteer group is working hard and making dramatic improvements to their own communities and hospitals. The transformation of Felega Hiwot Comprehensive Specialized Hospital is a miracle! FHCSH has  now been recognized by the Federal Ministry Health receiving an award of $3,000,000.00 Birr + other monetary awards directed for improvements in other hospital units. We at NLEF have been working with Felega Hiwot for a number of years, donating lifesaving medical equipment and supplies, future (post Covid) Nursing Empowerment skills training. NLEF is bringing together Local and international resources addressing and prioritizing the hospitals most immediate gaps. It is exciting to see the strong leadership and volunteers transforming this hospital.

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New Leaf  Sanitary Napkin Access Project (SNAP) is addressing a very serious issue that affects many school girls and women on their periods, or post-partum women (after giving birth).  THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT GAP – LACK OF ACCESS TO QUALITY REUSABLE SANITARY NAPKINS AND WOMEN’S HYGIENE PRODUCTS. We at New Leaf have a wonderful volunteer network that have been producing thousands of Sanitary napkin kits which include, reusable pads and shields, soap, washcloth and underwear. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER FOR THESE WOMEN AND GIRLS. You can hear SNAP personal testimonials on our Website, Facebook and Blog. Thanks to our Support volunteers and our Donors, the SNAP program is branching out to launch a New Leaf Ethiopia Foundation’s SNAP production and distribution centers in Addis and Bahir Dar. Having our partnership with I CARE, a local NGO, in Addis during the Covid-19 mandates, allowed us to train 12 women as seamstress to become senior SNAP coaches. The SNAP program is not only providing a necessary safe product with basic health education, but also providing skills training and job opportunities.

We will continue to share new stories and NLEF program updates with all of you! Stay tuned for more….. “THE LEAF”

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